TikTok, Usage Trends and Audience Behaviour Influence

TikTok has been around for a while now, and ever since its debut, the app was responsible for multiple months, chart-topping, which led to skyrocketing popularity. Generation Zed is the leading group that took over the app and made it their own, with over half of Gen Z consumers on TikTok.

On its way to social media greatness, TikTok experienced a lot of resistance with the “older” age groups and was perceived as juvenile and even trivial. In the last couple of years, TikTok has become one of the giants, infiltrating the millennial generations and largely expanding in value.

The non-stop demand for the app and its trending nature has led to a change in user behavior influence. TikTok and its usage trends have changed over time, that is evident, but the question is, is it time well spent? Ben Givon does the research.

TikTok Reports New Insights

TikTok has been working on understanding its impact on its users, the audience’s emotion, usage trends, and changes in consumer behavior. The latest survey was done in collaboration with Kantar, with more than seven thousand TikTok users globally.

The results show an inevitable change in behavior and state that there is an increase in user enjoyment and connectivity coming from the app. An authentic and meaningful community is one of the main reasons users keep coming back to the app and spending more time engaging, scrolling, and sharing vivid content.

Positivity is the main synonym relating to the app and user experience, the second being creativity, which leaves consumers inspired and carefree. Scrolling longer and diving deeper, that’s the new trend.

However, this comes as no surprise, given that the app usage has surged ever since the pandemic began and as it unfolded. It was portrayed as an escape, with its never-stopping, short video stream. This is proof that light-hearted entertainment is a must during times of hardship. Nowadays, even when just having a rough day at work.

Other Interesting Findings

The survey also found that users spend more time using TikTok rather than engaging with other entertainment options. Watching TV and videos, reading, and listening to podcasts all came after the all-star app.

TikTok is an app that prompts its users to take action. The customization of every single feed brings loads of fun, freeing creative content and trucks of inspiration that’s making the users come back again and again.

Higher attention rates have been spotted in TikTok users rather than other video platforms. The finely balanced algorithms are there to aid consumers in finding more fun and staying logged in for more extended periods while interacting with each other.

To conclude, Ben Givon points out some interesting trivia regarding TikTok that came from this survey:

  • As much as 45 percent of users claim that they spend significantly less time on dating apps since they began using TikTok.
  • At least 60 percent of TikTok users discover new DIY projects and recipes while using the app.
  • 65 percent of users participate in trends, 61 percent message friends, and 56 percent film new TikToks.



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Ben Givon

Ben Givon

Ben Givon is the key writer and blogger for various internet sites. A recognised expert in the fields of online marketing and branding.