Shopping on Instagram: Get More Exposure and Sales with Ben Givon

Ben Givon is here to introduce you to the tips that should help you create Instagram content that yields value.

Do you use Instagram to sell your products? Are you in need of ideas to expand your online exposure and boost sales? In this post, Ben Givon will give some recommendations on how to sell more on Instagram, also if you haven’t set up Instagram check out.

Shops on Instagram and shoppable posts matter for businesses that sell products. These instances of Instagram offer a full-fledged shopping experience within the app where consumers can learn about new products, and in some countries, they can even complete their purchases without leaving Instagram. The businesses that don’t have access to the in-app checkout option, there is still an enormous potential to attract traffic to their online shops. It is clear by now that shops have become a priority to Instagram. Very recently, there was the rearrangement of icons on the app, to promote shopping features. The Shop icon is located at the bottom bar together with other icons, which makes it more convenient to shop inside the app. More and more people are shopping on Instagram and they expect brands’ content to have product tags. These tags provide a possibility for brands to build a new customer base and re-engage audiences with an invitation to shop more.

Ben Givon is here to introduce you to the tips that should help you create Instagram content that yields value.

Base your product tagging on customer behavior.

Social media marketing requires a well-defined strategy, the same goes for the Instagram shop. You should consider how consumers use Instagram to create this strategy. Primarily, people don’t come to Instagram to shop, therefore your content should offer value and boost engagement to build connections with your audience. The process of purchasing should be made quick and easy to encourage your audience to make a purchase. People are more likely to buy if the process is as straightforward as possible. Here are the points by Ben Givon to take into consideration that will help you to optimize your content for Instagram consumer behavior:

Be rational in the number of product tags you use.

Tag only the products that appear in that post.

All featuring products should be represented by tags.

If the checkout option is not available for you, connect each product to its page on your website.

The last but not the least important instance is the imagery you select to represent your goods. The pictures used for posts should emphasize the diversity of your target audience. People should recognize themselves in your pictures and decide if this product is good for them. This rule applies to all content, not only product-featured images.

Improve product discoverability using prioritizing product-related Instagram videos.

The advantages of using video content on Instagram are countless. The action that takes place in videos prevents users from scrolling through. In a video, you can represent the product’s manufacture, its use, and why people like it.

Make how-to videos, so your audience can learn from you.

Demonstrate what makes your product unique and useful.

Answer FAQs about your product.

Ben Givon recommends using various types of video content, namely feed posts, Reels, Stories, and IGTV, so your audience has a better experience consuming the content in the form they prefer.

Instagram represents shops in the form of tapping and shopping, people can discover new brands and their products in their feed, Stories, and Reels. Instagram shops make the shopping experience easy and convenient. We hope that this article by Ben Givon has provided an important insight into the world of Instagram shopping.

Ben Givon is the key writer and blogger for various internet sites. A recognised expert in the fields of online marketing and branding.