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Ben Givon conducted a survey to find out why users most commonly subscribe to a YouTube channel.

As of today, YouTube has over two billion active users, and thereto it is expected to increase its customer base to three billion in four years. YouTube is among the fastest-growing social media platforms on the internet. Moreover, it facilitates growth for businesses. You must be wondering about the ways to grow your channel to have a greater impact on your business. Ben Givon conducted a survey to find out why users most commonly subscribe to a YouTube channel. After that, Ben Givon arranged the received data to provide you the most thorough insight for better customer acquisition.

1. Develop educational content related to your audience’s work process.

According to the information from the survey, it became clear that most people subscribe to YouTube channels to educate themselves to advance on their career path. The main reason why people regularly watch particular content is because they are looking to find answers to their questions. This implies that if you would like to grow your channel, simply post videos on topics that interest your audience. For instance, Ben Givon published educational videos on his channel. These videos are an excellent finding for marketers from all walks of life.

2. In your videos, cover the topics related to your audience’s hobbies.

It might happen that your business is not exactly involved in the processes related to your consumers’ careers. According to the survey, you can publish materials that relate to your audience’s hobbies and interests. Let’s assume that you own a landscape design company. On your web resource, you could target people who garden as a hobby. There is a direct conversion path to benefit from your services. It is important to take into account that if you would like your audience to convert, you should provide educational resources for free. The more you demonstrate your expertise, the more conversions you will see.

In order to grow your audience that results in conversions, you have to know and understand your audience

3. Create entertaining content.

The other common reason why people choose to subscribe to a YouTube channel is because they find the content engaging and interesting. If you decide to create dynamic and interactive videos there is a good chance that you will have many subscribers interested in your videos. For instance, if you own a bakery you can publish videos about cake decoration. In order to succeed in attracting people to your channel, you have to know your audience very well.

4. Know your audience.

In order to grow your audience that results in conversions, you have to know and understand your audience. Are they interested in content about their career? Or are they looking for entertainment that makes them feel satisfied? You should know better. Consider the content that performs the best in terms of blog posts or articles and transform this content into videos.

5. Optimize your content.

Every time Ben Givon talks about marketing strategies, there is a place for SEO. It might seem tricky at the beginning to optime your video content for search engines. In practice, it is quite easy, though. All you need to do is to include the keywords in your video title and description. Also, mention those keywords in the video itself.

6. Optimize for watch time.

Similar to all search engines, YouTube wants people to stay on the website and use their platform. So one of the most important factors that YouTube considers is watch time. Analyze how long people watch your video content. Ben Givon points out that long videos outrank short videos. Tell your viewers at the beginning of your video about the value they will acquire if they watch the video until the end.


It is a great way to attract new customers by growing your audience on YouTube. Also, keep in mind that you need to have over 1,000 subscribers to rank for relevant search results. Post the content your audience wants to see and optimize so it appears in the search results.



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