Ben Givon’s 6 marketing tips during Covid-19

“Everything has changed.” “Nothing will be the same.”

That’s what we used to hear from every corner. The new marketing reality is challenging, but this doesn’t mean you cant to adapt and learn. Ben Givon collected some of the digital marketing lessons that the pandemic brought.

1. Change the course if you feel so

When a crisis hits, you normally don’t expect this. But once it does, it might signify that advertising strategies you have already spent money and time into have to get placed on hold. Simply accept it, and start adopting the reality and working from the scratch.

2. Prioritize only necessary digital channels

Nowadays more than ever, businesses are after results. If a channel doesn’t generate the expecting results even after involved investments, focus on the most relevant digital marketing channels to get the highest possible ROI for the business. During a pandemic, we need an immediate response.

3. Invest on your website

Don’t underestimate your website. The advantages of having a website are endless, it is one of the most critical components of the digital strategy. Take full control over the content that gives your business an opportunity to talk to hundreds to thousands of customers in various parts of the world. The website is also a fundamental structure supporting other digital marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more.

4. Concentrate on understanding consumer trends

Become a company that tapping into real-time consumer intent and always keep a finger on the puls. Big data is not anything new. Businesses are already using analytics insights and data to control their electronic marketing campaigns. For a company to flourish, it has to stay relevant. Such significance requires alignment of the company process with digital advertising and marketing tasks that matter such as direct response campaigns. These are the approaches that will bring the company a positive ROI, particularly that the advertising spend is becoming smaller by the day.

5. Don’t overuse humor

Everyone knows that well-timed humor may be a helpful tool for connecting with your audience, but there are occasions where it may seem insensitive to the current situation.

If your company is intending something funny during a period of the pandemic, be certain that you check the messages prior to making it public. Run your advertising message by coworkers, friends, and relatives to acquire a final check on if it might come across as insensitive to the moment. If the solution is yes, wait until the present crisis has passed to launch this advertising message.

6. Don’t fade out

Many companies rather than dealing with the uncertainty of marketing during COVID-19, deciding to go quiet and just ride out the crisis.

Unfortunately, this can land you to the bottom, and it won’t be easy to re-engage your audience when things do start to improve. Take your time and provide a clear explanation to your customers on how you gonna respond to the crises. Make updates on your websites and social channel, add a detailing note of how the pandemic would impact your specific operations.

As COVID-19 has shown us, it’s crucial to have a marketing plan that can pivot to respond to the moment. Don’t’ give up, make a brainstorm with your team, and don’t forget to support each other even during your daily Zoom meeting.




Ben Givon is the key writer and blogger for various internet sites. A recognised expert in the fields of online marketing and branding.

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Ben Givon

Ben Givon

Ben Givon is the key writer and blogger for various internet sites. A recognised expert in the fields of online marketing and branding.

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