Ben Givon Explains: How to Run Small Budget Instagram Ads

Ben Givon
3 min readJul 13, 2020
Ben Givon Explains: How to Run Small Budget Instagram Ads

Have a small ad budget? Asking how to spend your ad more wisely on Instagram?

Ben Givon is sharing with you 3 ways to make your Instagram ad spend go faster.

1.Repurpose Organic Posts for Instagram Top-of-Funnel Ads

Very clearly, Facebook is more likely to show your Instagram ads to your ideal customers and prospects if you do a good job with your Instagram organic content, and if your customers find it engaging.

The easiest way to find out how people react to the types of content or topics is to look at the interaction rate per post on Instagram, which shows the most famous pieces of content.

Looking at your Insights is a fast way to see which posts have earned the most engagement. Go to your company profile on Instagram, tap the three lines at the top-right corner of the page, and pick Insights from the pop-up menu. On the Your Insights Material tab where you see updates of your weekly posts, tap See Everything.

Using this information to shape your organic content strategy will set you up successfully for the next part of the low-cost ad strategy: creating an Instagram ad funnel using interactions.

2.Using Instagram interactions to build warm custom audiences for retrieval using Instagram Ads from the middle or the bottom of the funnel

Open the Facebook Custom Audience tool and click the source of the Instagram business profile to build warmer customer audiences that are already interacting and engaging with you on Instagram.

Using the All choice to choose whether to include people who have met either one or more requirements. You’ll be able to choose whether to reach people who have visited your Instagram business profile, send you a direct Instagram message, save your Instagram post or ad, or engage with your Instagram posts or advertisements.

3.Track and test Instagram Ad Cost Return Placements

It is important to track where your Instagram ads get the most exposure when searching for the lowest-cost return on your advertisements, and then optimize your placements accordingly.

Instagram has three ad placements: Instagram stream, Instagram posts, and Search and Discover tab Instagram. Using the Breakdown feature in Facebook Ads Manager to find out which placements are having the most interactions or lowest-cost interactions.

Choose from the Campaigns tab in Ads Manager, and then view the Ads tab for that campaign.

Open the Device Breakdown button (just to the left of the Report button).

Filter Delivery results, and then Placement.

Now you’ll be able to see exactly what placement drives the best results for your campaign, and optimize it accordingly.

Ben Givon How to Run Small Budget Instagram Ads

Each of the above tactics can help drive down your Instagram ad cost but when used together they work best. When you don’t have a big budget to drive results, you need to use every trick in your marketing arsenal to make your budget work well.



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